Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island

by    Thomas Van Puymbroeck   10th December 2019

Kalanggaman Island  is a small island paradise located in Palampon, Leyte. It is famous for its crystal clear waters, lush palm trees, and beautiful sandbars on both ends.

The island is also considered one of the most beautiful island beaches in the Philippines. It  has captivated many Filipino and foreign tourists because of its pristine and untouched beauty.

Kalanggaman Island is famous for its juvenile green sea turtles and schools of trevally. This was the reason to visit this beautiful island. After an hour of sailing we arrived and yes, on the first dive we already saw a beautiful turtle.

The turtle continued to follow us from a distance for almost the entire dive, sometimes it came close, sometimes it swam away quickly. Her curious behavior was fantastic to see.

The icing on the cake, she came to pose beautifully for a while and at the end of the dive she came swimming, nestled between the coral and started taking a nap.

Equipment used on my dive: Essence Liquidskin maskRebel Dry snorkelPower Plana finsFlexa bootsThermo Guard undersuit and Reef wetsuit.

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