Mahina Mermaid Fins

Mahina Mermaid Fin

The MerFin provides an authentic feeling of swimming with a sense of fluidity, freedom and connection with oneself when entering the water whilst simultaneously encouraging a spirit of connection, care and responsibility toward the ocean in return.

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Après Dive Cosmetics

Natural and organic skin care products for rejuvenating after scuba diving or swimming

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Coltri Compressors

Coltri compressors are an excellent choice for boat and yacht owners who require a reliable and efficient way to fill their scuba tanks. These compressors are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them an ideal size for where space is limited.

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Mares freediving equipment


High quality freediving, spearfishing & finswimming equipment from Mares

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Mare Scuba Equipment


Mares & Ocean Dynamics high quality collection of fins suitable for every water sport activity

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Full Face Masks

The Mares Sea Vu Dry mask is a combination of design and technology with low CO2 accumulation. A high end product ensuring great performance allowing for clear view all over your face.

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Discover the perfect wetsuit for your tropical dives in Thailand with our range of lightweight and breathable options for a comfortable underwater experience.

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